Saturday, January 30, 2010

So Here's the Plan & Pictures

Because you guys have been so good and well behaved, I'll put up a bunch of pictures from the last reading at the end of the post.

So this is what's going on for February: NOTHING! HA!
Due to a couple scheduling items (Beezy's goes on winter break, I'm going out of the country, Feb. is a stupid and short month), it's not going to work too swimmingly to cram a reading into this silly, silly month. I'm planning on reconvening for another reading Mid-Marchish. And I'm stoked and looking for poets.

But I'm planning an informal, small-scale SexPo salon, so get your hopes up, kiddos. It's going to be neat.

The reading last Mon., Jan 25th weirded me out. People keep telling me it was their favorite reading yet, and I'm starting to feel that way too. Still, weirded me out. All the poets who read (including myself) had creepily similar themes in their work. There was also a lot humorous poetry, which happens, but doesn't happen all that much.
I had also been preparing for a ridiculous crowd (I was expecting even more than came last time), but as it turns out a really moderate crowd showed up. We had 25 people, and for the first time, everybody had a seat. At first I was all like "SHIIIIIIT" - but then realized that everyone being comfortable is a good thing, and as a friend of mine put it "I felt like I was really able to listen to poetry this time."

So those are my emotions.
Here are pictures of emotions.
Vinnie was so kind as to take pics during the reading for me. Thanks Vinnie. You're so kind to take pics during the reading. Thanks. You're so kind.

Andrew MCing

Iain Marshall

Theresa Rickloff

Reading poetry written on sticky notes suuuucks.

Nicholas Vanderpool

Anna Vitale

Andrew Stevens

Marshall at the bar afterward

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