Thursday, April 15, 2010

Third room open at Beezy's!

Besides that being SUPER EXCITING for the restaurant, it's also SUPER EXCITING for SexPo! We can fit everybody comfortably, and probably even your cool accessories you insist on carrying with you everywhere.

So, bring out your mom to the April 26th reading! Look at post below for details.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 26th Reading!

Poster by Genevieve Mihalko. Click for blog.

Yo check it:
The next reading is happening Monday, April 26th! 5:30 @ Beezy's Cafe, 20 N. Washington Street in Y-town.

This time on the docket:
Carson Boron
Adam Mitchell
Matt Posky
Tony the T-Spice Spicer

I'm very excited for this bunch.

I'm constantly hoping to expand the sphere of poetry in Ypsi by finding new poets, and also incorporating other artists, musicians and filmmakers. I've got Posky lined up for this reading, and we'll see what he ends up doing (I might not get film together for this reading) and I've been talking with Brett Cimbalik about doing some musical bits for an upcoming reading.
If you're interested in some way, lets chat so at least I can get to know you.

Hope to see you guys out at Beezy's on the 26th! Keep the peace. Fight the power.