Friday, November 20, 2009

New Blog Duh & How the Reading Went

Why hello.
I started a blog so that we can bind together to form a more perfect union.
If I like you and you're interested in contributing content, and or posting event information, and you're not a total d-bag - let me know and I'll figure out how to do that & shit.

I also plan on linking to everyone's blogs so that everyone can know who is a part of us, so once again, fill me in.

AND THIS JUST GOES TO SAY: As far as "who is a part of us" - it's always fluid, and the amount of your involvement is up to you. It's not like we have secret meetings in the woods, or wear cloaks or anything. SPS is the vehicle for packaging and distributing poetry to the community, and you are a part when you want to be a part of that. So none of this "I'm not a part of your club because I don't know the secret handshake" stuff. If you'd like to join in the fun, talk to me about it and read the blog. Calling it a "society" is just to spoof on that one movie we all had to watch in high school.

The reading last Monday, Nov. 16th at Beezy's Cafe was a tremendous success, guys. Ian, Iain, Nick, Andrew, Tony, Jamie & Theresa (also goes by "myself") read their work. If you made it out, thanks again! We had a great audience who didn't text message on their cellphones and were interested in hearing poetry. We packed out the place!

Immediately afterward (literally) I had people saying they wanted to read their work next time, so to me, it really went as well as it could have.
"Next time" might be in December before Christmas, if we can pull it off (which I'd say we can.) I'd love to find fresh meat and maybe have a few of the same voices we had last time.

Theresa "promoting" the event - but actually just drinking bourbon at work.

Andrew at the Brewery at the post-reading party.

Iain & Stu boozing at the Brewery afterward.

Thanks everyone for being so devilishly attractive and wonderful. I look forward to getting acquainted with your majesty more and more.

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  1. That was the first time I'd let anyone hear anything I've written in a decade. I'm not sure why. It was great fun and, if the chance comes up again, I'll jump in...without all the self-deprecation (which wasn't actually intended to be self-deprecation).